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"Failure is a state of mind that if not handled with care can destroy one's personality."

Hey, I want to introduce you to the new Podcast Series I will be sharing alongside the “You Can Be Anything Podcast”. My goal in running up this series is to answer all the questions I have been getting about how to transition into tech. I want to see more of us in tech and so I decided to share with you 33 points and more.

My Story

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

For many years, I was caught up in the thought that failing at my first big dream meant that was it for me. I started doing survival jobs that did not have anything to do with my formal education. Suspending my Ph.D. after about 2 years took me back to ground zero because all I had done for the past 28 years of my life was study. Failure is a state of mind that if not handled with care can destroy one’s personality. It took me acceptance, goal setting, revamping my self-confidence, sacrifice, vulnerability, and resilience to come to the realization that I can start all over again and be my best version.

Episodes in this podcast will include real-life experiences and lessons learned and chats with people with a similar story so that listeners will have a wide variety of content to draw from. This is a learning process for us all and so deliberations based on questions and concerns will be discussed as well. This is a medium for us to learn how we can be audible and be our own best versions.

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Journey to Personal Empowerment and Growth

Resilience and Personal Growth

Learn how to navigate setbacks and failures.

Acceptance and Self-Discovery

Embrace the transformative power of acceptance, goal-setting, and self-confidence.

Skills Development

Acquire practical skills and strategies to enhance personal and professional development, fostering a mindset of continuous improvement and learning.

Community and Connection

Join a community of like-minded individuals on a collective journey of learning, sharing, and evolving towards their best versions.

I'm Available for Collaborations

Reviews, comments, guest requests, or potential sponsorships – I’m all in! Your input and engagement fuel the vibrant spirit of the “You Can Be Anything Podcast.” Let’s connect and make a positive impact together. 🎙️💬✨